Katie Sees Billy Joel

January 3, 2015

We received a heartfelt wish grant application from Dee, nominating her friend and colleague Katie to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In the application, Dee detailed Katie’s difficult year of aggressive breast cancer diagnosis and treatments, noting: “Not only was this a shock, but in addition, the diagnosis came prior to a major event in Katie’s life, as she was scheduled to go to China to adopt a 6-year old disabled little boy.”Katie indeed adopted her son during this trying time, while undergoing chemotherapy and constant care. We were so glad to top off Katie’s year with an uplifting and very well-deserved night of music.

Katie said: “It was fantastic! Thank you so much for making the concert possible for me!!  I was able to forget – for the entire concert – that I’m dealing with my fight against cancer.  It was a truly great escape! Bless you!!!”