Karen Sees The LA Philharmonic

May 19, 2015

Karen, from Walnut Creek, CA, was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer exactly one year ago. After challenging treatments and surgeries, she decided it was time to make a visit to Los Angeles to see the LA Philharmonic, which she had long admired after being a professional classical trumpet player for 25 years.

She learned about Do It For The Love through friends and we were so happy to provide this experience for them recently.

“As the music began I was overwhelmed with emotions. I sat there, with my closest friends, tears running down my face, thinking about how lucky I am to have successfully made it through the last year of cancer treatments to make it to my 60th birthday. The music they performed had special meaning for me, adding to my emotions, because I have performed them before.

What Do It For The Love does by sharing music with people who had been through such personal challenges is such a great gift it is hard to describe.  You help us remember what joy there is in living. You helped me remember how important it is to share the things that we love with the people we love.”

Keep fighting, Karen, and keep the music playing!