Julie Sees The Florida Orchestra

December 17, 2015

Tis the season for a little holiday cheer. After a challenging year of cancer treatments and hospital stays, Julie was trying to rediscover the things that brought her joy. A social worker at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida told her about Do It For the Love and we were happy to provide a healing night of music for her with the Florida Orchestra.

“I have a classical music background but my cancer treatment has been so intense for the last 2.5 years given how grave the diagnosis is, that my ability to afford, let alone have the energy for my first love, classical music, is almost nil,” said Julie. “Enter DIFTL who provided me and my family with outstanding center tickets.”

“When the orchestra and singers began, I nearly burst out crying with joy. For a few hours, I am not in a hospital, I am not in a scanner, I am not in a doctor’s office . . . I am in a concert hall hearing one of the world’s greatest choral pieces by one of our nation’s top orchestras. It was truly breathtaking. And ¬†arranging a visit backstage with Ginny Respess, a violinist from the orchestra, allowed me to be me, a musician, and not me, a cancer patient.”

“My deepest thanks to Do It For The Love, to The Florida Orchestra and singers and to Ruth Eckerd Hall, for making this a night I will long remember.”