Julian Meets Nightwish

May 6, 2015

11-year old Julian wished to see the band Nightwish in Chicago. The band went out of their way to enhance the experience for him and his family, inviting them backstage before the show and providing VIP seating. Thanks to Nightwish for doing it for the love!

“Thanks so much for an amazing experience. Going to see Nightwish and Sabaton was fantastic!! We were not only able to listen to a wonderful concert, but we also met the band members backstage, before the concert, and did spend some time with them. Their concert was fantastic, just as expected and these are memories we will cherish forever. Everybody made us feel comfortable and welcome. Julian will never forget this!  Thank you to the Nightwish management for their availability and to you at Do It For The Love for allowing us to have a spectacular evening.”