Joseph Meets Ozzy Osbourne

December 5, 2017

Joseph, 64, was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer at the beginning of the summer. Since then, he has been undergoing radiation treatments. It’s been an extremely difficult time for him and his family, so when his daughter nominated him for a wish grant to see Ozzy Osbourne, Do It For The Love was happy to give them a night to remember.

“The best part of the experience was having the best time of my life with my family, Whenever we were walking through the crowd, all holding hands, my wife standing up on the chair chanting Ozzy Ozzy!

I was treated like a king. Every time I was turned around, every time I moved, somebody was going totally out of their way to be nice to me.  It inspired me that something like this could happen to me. It can happen to somebody else too. I never realized how much kindness there actually is and I was overwhelmed by it with this experience. There is so much goodness in this world, so much hope, and so much love. “

His daughter said, after the concert, “For a day, he got to be the man who didn’t have cancer. And to see how all of this beauty coming out of this is just such a huge blessing. Sharing the moments traveling with him to and from the concert, at the concert, they are things that I will have etched in my heart forever. That wouldn’t have been possible without you guys doing what you are doing. Thank you so much for making this possible.”