Jordan Sees Blake Shelton

April 10, 2018

Jordan, 16, lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and an intellectual disability. Duchenne is a muscle wasting disease that will eventually take away all control of his voluntary muscles. Duchenne also weakens the heart and lung function over time. He has been confined to a wheel chair since he was 11.  Overall he is a very happy kid, but faces daily physical and emotional struggles. At times he gets very frustrated and upset that he can’t do all the things he sees other kids his age do. Things like sports, regular classes at school, going out with friends and most of all right now driving because he sees everyone else his age beginning to drive, which is something he will never be able to do.

“Thank you so much for Jordan’s wish grant to see Blake Shelton. Jordan took one of his best friends, Alli, along. We were able to go to a VIP lounge prior to the show where Blake did a Q and A session and performed a few songs. Jordan had a smile on his face the entire evening. Jordan refers to Blake as just “Blake” when he talks about him, like they’re old friends. This was definitely a dream come true for him.”