Jordan Meets Train

May 28, 2015

Seven-year old Jordan has been living with Common Variable Immune Deficiency & Juvenile Arthritis since he was born. He’s undergone extensive treatment for the disease and receives life-saving infusions every month now. His favorite band is Train, and his favorite song is “Save Me San Francisco.” We were happy to not just send Jordan and his family to the show (his first-ever concert) recently, but also provide them back-stage access to meet Pat and the band. His mom shared his story with us:

“First off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! We had so much fun! Jordan was so surprised and loved that the surprises kept on coming. He was so excited to go to his first concert and then when he learned that the band was Train he was jumping for joy that it was his “most favorite band ever!” Then we surprised him with the meet and greet. We were in line and we asked him if he could meet any famous musicians who would it be and he said “Train, of course!” And then they walked out. He was so excited he couldn’t stand still. I asked him what he would ask them and he said “Mom, I don’t know if I can ask them anything, my heart is pounding like crazy!” It was so funny. Train was so nice and loved that we were their with your organization.

The Train staff allowed the boys to come down and dance right in front of the stage during Jordan’s favorite song “Save Me San Francisco” where they even caught a beach ball signed by Pat Monahan.

Thank you for such an amazing opportunity for our family. We are all so thankful and grateful for all you guys do. Music is so healing and that night we all sang our lungs out. :)”