John Paul Sees Mumford And Sons

May 5, 2016

“John Paul is an eleven-year-old with Down Syndrome who loves music, specifically the drums. He has challenges with learning and communicating but music is a huge blessing in his life. He will work better in school or other tasks with music being the motivator. Listening to Mumford and Sons in particular has inspired him to learn the drums. For exercise in the winter he runs on the treadmill watching concerts on YouTube and says that he wants to “go there!”

We are so grateful to Do it For the Love Foundation for arranging the opportunity to see this concert. My husband, daughter, myself, and John Paul were able to find seats quite close to the stage in Madison. We brought along noise-reducing headphones in case it became too much for John. He wore them through the opening act but when Mumford and Sons came on stage, he quickly removed them and was jumping and cheering. He loved the whole show.

The chance to see the band and experience a big concert like this was an experience that will stick with him for a long time! A huge thank you to Do it For the Love!!”

– Mother of John Paul