Jared Sees Jack White

October 8, 2014

Music has an amazing ability to help you forget about all the negative aspects of your life and just focus on what your hearing. DIFTL is an inspiring organization that does really great things for people who could use a smile. I can’t thank them enough for giving me one of the most fun and memorable nights of my life. I’ve always been a huge follower of Jack White and his crazy good guitar skills. Finally seeing Jack perform after being a fan for over ten years was a dream come true. It was almost surreal sitting front row, listening to live versions of vintage White Stripe songs along with many other original songs. I encourage everybody to pay attention to DIFTL and do what you can to help them continue to grant unforgettable musical experiences like this.”

Jared is living with hereditary progressive muscular dystrophy and other health challenges. DIFTL granted his wish to see Jack White at Fenway Park.