Jared Meets Zac Brown Band

December 14, 2017

In October 2015, Jared suffered second and third degree burns to 35% of his body when his Halloween costume caught fire on a candle. Jared spent a month in the hospital and had to undergo numerous surgeries, four blood transfusions, and painful procedures and bandage changes. Once home, his daily care and road to recovery continued to be an agonizing and painstaking process. Through it all, Jared was amazingly strong and always had a positive attitude. Jared is doing well but still has additional surgeries in his future.

During Jared’s hospital stay, music played a big part in his recovery and helped to lift his spirits. St. Christopher’s Hospital frequently had volunteers that played musical instruments and sang to patients. Each time a musician stopped by, Jared smiled and his face lit up in a way that his family didn’t often see in the hospital. When his parents talked about nominating Jared for a wish grant and they asked him who he would like to see, he immediately said Zac Brown! Zac Brown Band’s music has played a big part in their lives and many of his songs are connected to family memories, funny things that have happened, and vacations.

“We were all so excited and honored when Jared’s wish was granted. This was his first concert and he loved every minute of the experience. What our family remembers most of all is all of the dancing, jumping, and singing we did together. It was a moment of not a care or worry in the world, just happiness and family. Jared got to hear all of his favorite Zac Brown Band songs, and we loved seeing the look on his face and watching the concert through his eyes. We want to thank everyone who made this night possible. It is an experience that we are so grateful for and one that will not be forgotten.”