Jackson Meets Michael Franti

December 9, 2014

“What an amazing night! My son Jackson is 11 years old and has Krabbe Disease. He’s been through a lot in his young life, so when I heard about the opportunity to attend a Michael Franti show through the Do It For The Love Foundation, I jumped at the chance. Our family has been fans of Michael Franti and Spearhead for years, and we’ve had many family dance parties to his music.

We arrived at the venue early and were led backstage to the green room to wait for the band. Michael came in to greet us, along with guitarist Jay Bowman and Michael’s partner Sara. They were so sweet to us, interacted with the kids, and gave hugs and love all around.

We were then taken to our seating area for the show. The venue was perfect, there was an area for standing where we were able to have Jackson’s wheelchair and plenty of room to dance.  The concert was amazing, and Michael gave a personal shout-out to Jackson during the show.  The wonderful thing about Franti’s shows is that not only does the band shower the crowd with love and kindness, everyone attending the concert shares the same spirit.  We had other concert-goers helping to clear the crowd so Jackson could get to the front of the stage, giving him smiles and pats on the arm, and generally making us feel very loved and special.

 My favorite moment of the night came at the end of the evening. We brought Jackson up to Michael at the end of the show to say goodbye and thank him for a wonderful time. After the farewells, we looked in his hand and there was Michael’s guitar pick from the show, which he had secretly passed on to him. Jackson had a huge grin on his face. It was a special moment that the two of them shared that we didn’t even see, and it meant so much to Jackson.

I can’t express how wonderful this night was for my family.  We were able to spend time together, dancing and enjoying some great music, and were treated with amazing kindness through the whole process.  I’m so thankful to Michael Franti and Sara for creating this foundation, and for the band and staff for embracing our family.  Thank you all so very much, from the bottom of our hearts!”