Jack Meets Matilda Cast

April 2, 2016

Natasha recently shared with us the inspiring story of her 12-year-old son, Jack. “When Jack was born the doctors said he would never walk or talk with his cerebral palsey, but has worked hard in therapy for years and can do all of those things! He was also diagnosed with autism and didn’t talk until he was 5. Most things people take for granted in life are hard for him, but he doesn’t let that stop him he just keeps working hard! He is such a great boy- we are so proud of him!”

As a big fan of the book and movie, Matilda, it was our pleasure to grant Jack a VIP experience to the musical. “The experience that Do It For the Love

gave my son Jack was so awesome,” recalled Natasha. “He was over-the-moon excited to see the play! His eyes lit up with joy and he laughed and clapped with such happiness! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity! We are so grateful!”