Hunter Sees Luke Bryan

July 29, 2015

In the nomination for her son to see Luke Bryan in concert, 13-year old Hunter’s mom wrote: “He has been a true fighter through all his medical challenges and hasn’t let them bring him down.” Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma one year ago, it’s been a rough year for the family. But, they were able to come together for a worry-free night of music thanks to a donation from CID Entertainment.

“The thing I will remember the most is seeing the excitement in Hunter’s eyes,” his mom wrote. “He was so full of life and excitement at the concert and made sure we didn’t miss anything. We will never forget the experience – we all were worry free for the whole day and we felt special. Do It ForĀ  The Love – thank you for giving Hunter a truly unforgettable memory. He sang and danced and was so happy during the concert, it made my heart melt to see my loving son having so much fun. Hunter has always been a music lover but had never been to a live concert. He loved it and is already making plans to go to another one.”