Hunter Meets Nahko

April 29, 2015

We recently sent 12-year old Hunter, who is living with autism in Holland to see Nahko in Brussels, Belgium. Hunter and his parents were invited backstage to chat with Nahko and enjoyed the show from VIP seats thanks to Nahko’s generosity.

“Hunter is an energetic 12 year old with high functioning autism,” said Hunter’s Dad. “He loves music and live performances, but finds it very uncomfortable to be in close proximity to crowds of people. The effect that the music has on him, however, is magical. His usual constant motion stops, and he becomes calm and almost sleepy, even during very high-energy performances. Afterwards his behavior is noticeably different for days, as if the music has calmed him so deeply that  his mind and body have respite from the need for constant stimulus.”


Hunter’s Mom shared: “Hunter was at his meet and greet and he asked Nahko what is warrior mentality. Nahko really connected with Hunter at the moment and I was able to take a photo of the intensity of the eye contact and conversation as Nahko explained to Hunter the 4 stages of warrior mentality.  Hunter is happy that right now he is a scout! I remember that while listening to the music right up front to the stage Hunter became almost calm.  He stopped moving and for nearly an hour he was almost still and extremely calm. This is unusual for Hunter and it was a joy for me.”

“Life is full of surprises and changes, some not so easy.  Hunter having autism makes us see the world differently.  Not bad, just different.  It can be challenging and hard at times.  I get a bit sad maybe too often and jealous of parents with “normal” children.  Sunday night meeting Nahko was truly a gift from DIFTL to our family.  It brought us together, brought us joy and helped remind us to have hope. Thank you for all you do for those who need a bit of joy and hope in their life through the gift of music.”

Hunter said, “One of the main things I want to say is thank you for the ability to meet someone who I have heard their music over and over again in real life.”