Haven Sees Katy Perry

December 30, 2017

Haven is a 6 year old girl who’s been fighting Neuroblastoma since she was 2. Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that has many symptoms including bone pain, lumps in the abdomen and many other things. The treatment is long and arduous. We were happy to be able to grant Haven’s wish to see Katy Perry.  Haven’s brothers and Dad did not want to go so they took two of their favorite people who have been by their sides throughout all of Haven’s treatment.

“The concert was absolutely amazing.  Katy played all of our favorites!  She concluded the concert with Roar and Firework, which I have video of Haven singing during treatment. It was incredibly meaningful other these songs together.  We also saw a girl who has been in treatment with Haven and Do It For The Love gave her her tickets also!  Best experience ever!  We are so grateful for this opportunity.”