Hannah Sees Katy Perry

February 15, 2018

Hannah, 21, was born with Down’s Syndrome.  Along with the Down’s, she was also born with congenital heart defects and two clubbed feet, which required her to have casts on her legs and feet to try to correct them the best they could until she was strong enough for surgery. She has had so many surgeries on her feet, well over 20, having to travel back and forth from Portland over and over again to attempt to straighten them out. The doctors were able to straighten one foot out, but the other would not stay straight even with braces on her feet. Today she relies on a wheel chair for walking much of any distance and needs to hang onto something for balance if she stands.  When she does walk in short spans, she walks on her ankle and side of her foot…she adapted and doesn’t really complain too much.

For what Hannah lacks due to the restrictions of her disabilities, she makes up for in other ways.  She is a social butterfly and has tons of friends.  She leaves a mark on people’s hearts, and she stays there forever.  She loves music and dancing.  It may not be all over the room, but in her wheelchair, hanging on to someone or something or trying to balance on her own.

Do It For The Love blessed Hannah with tickets to Katy Perry’s show in Portland, Oregon. It was Hannah’s first concert experience and what a way to break a girl in! I spent a lot of the concert watching Hannah and her expressions and dance moves.  It pleased me as her mom to see the happiness written all over her face.  When Katy came out, Hannah was done with that wheelchair for as long as she could stand…she held onto the railing in front of us and danced until she could dance no more. When she couldn’t stand, she bobbed her head and moved her body while sitting.

Thank you to the Do It For The Love for giving Hannah such an opportunity to see her favorite singer in the world. Thank you for allowing us experience the kindness of ensuring we had a great place to stay so we could go back to our room and crash with the sound of Katy’s voice still in our heads.  This world is a better place because of people like you.