Grant Sees Beyonce Live

October 22, 2016

Grant is a champion living with the daily complications of Cystic Fibrosis which is a chronic health condition that affects breathing and digestion.  Grant was hospitalized last January due to complications from his condition and has had to withdraw from school to focus on his health care needs.  Given his hardships, nothing could boost his spirits and provide some much needed musical magic than to go to a Beyoncé concert. We were able to make Grant’s wish come true last month when he was able to sit in the VIP section and see “Queen B” live, up close and personal.  Grant’s smile really does say it all.


Grant summed up his music experience by writing: “Thank you so very very much! I had a blast at Beyoncé!  The show was incredible. I’ve been to music festivals around the U.S. and nothing compared to her performance. Beyoncé’s set started off with “Formation.” Right away I was singing with the crowd. There wasn’t a moment I stopped being in shock and awe by her performance.  That was one of my favorite shows! 

Do It For The Love is a great organization that brings happy moments to others. I’ll treasure every picture and video I have. I can’t thank you enough! Thank you for everything. You made my weekend a blast! Please keep up the good work!”

Thank you to Grant for allowing Do It For The Love and Beyoncé to be a small part of your journey.