Gene Meets Bad Company

June 30, 2016

Gene and his wife, Billie, are both military veterans, having served in the Army and Air Force. They’re going through a whole new battle now, as Gene faces a number of serious health challenges, including skin cancer, requiring frequent trips to the hospital and attentive care. Gene’s “bucket list” included a concert with Bad Company, and we were so proud to provide this experience for him, his wife and son when the band came through Kansas City. They were also provided back-stage passes to meet the band. It’s a memory the family will forever cherish.

“Words cannot even begin to do justice for the evening we had. My husband’s favorite band of all time has always been Bad Company. Whether he was in the hospital, at the doctor’s offices, having tests run or just having a “bad” day, you can always see him “plugged in” to his iPod listening to Bad Company and jamming away. It always made him feel better because their music always brought him back to the time when he was healthy and things were normal. The “new” normal is just trying to get through each day. It takes a lot getting adjusted to knowing that things you used to be able to do, you can no longer do or that something so simple as a common cold, a cut or scratch can be deadly. So you find your “new” normal and press on.

We were absolutely surprised to find out that we had meet and greet passes to meet Bad Company. My husband was so happy and beyond words. I don’t think he ever quit smiling. His life-long dream of meeting the band had finally come true. Paul Rodger told my husband that music does make everything better and he is so right. It really does. They will never really know how much it meant to Gene for them to take the time out of their busy schedule to talk to him one-on- one.

It was nice to finally go somewhere that was not a hospital, doctors office, lab or testing center. It was a night that nothing else mattered and I was able to see him finally have a night of peace and worry free. He was jamming out to all of the songs. He knew all of the words to each one. We could not have asked for a better evening for him.

As for anyone reading this story, all I can offer as advise is to never take things for granted and enjoy every day. Tell the people that mean the most to you that you love them each and every day. ¬†Always treat the day as if it is your last. You never know when it’s your time. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. And remember music does make things better. It heals the soul.”