Gavyn Meets Pink

August 4, 2017

Gavyn is a 9 year old boy who was born completely blind due to a rare eye condition caused by under-developed optic nerves. But Gavyn also loves music! Do It for the Love was so pleased to grant his wish to meet Pink and help make a lasting memory. Gavyn’s mom, Chrystina, said that this experience made them feel like rockstars and that it was the highlight of his summer. “When Pink walked in to the room, she talked to my son as though he was an old friend. He was so elated that he jumped up and hugged her. Just watching my son be so excited to talk to and hug someone whose music has gotten him through some hard times and good times was amazing. As a parent of a child with multiple disabilities, there are no words to express the gratitude I have. I just wish I could thank Pink and her crew. They treated us as though we were friends who were able to make it to see her and not just another fan. Being able to also take the woman who cares for and helps teach my son at school all day was an extra bonus. This experience has inspired Gavyn to create a wish list of other inspirational people he would like to meet. As his mother, it has inspired me to keep trying to make this happen and remind him that dreams and wishes can and do come true.”