Dylan Meets Muse

February 4, 2016

Dylan is a 17-year-old musician, actor and high school student who hasn’t let a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, a very rare and aggressive bone cancer, keep him from his music.

“I believe the fact that he has never stopped practicing and playing gigs with his band through this whole ordeal has been a central point of his progress,” said Dylan’s mom. “He plays guitar, drums, keys and sings. He has continually written songs about his journey, which he often plays on the guitar or ukulele from his hospital bed to entertain the medical team.”

Dylan wanted to go to a concert with his favorite band, Muse, and we were happy to not just offer tickets, but also a back-stage experience with the group at their show in Boston.

“This organization is amazing, and I’ll be forever grateful for this once in a lifetime experience,” Dylan said. “I never thought they would go this above and beyond expectations to make the night so spectacular and memorable.

“It was really inspiring to meet them in person. It was almost shocking in a sense that they were real people, having only seen them onstage and onscreen previously. It let me know that it is possible to have your dream career. Meeting some of my heroes in person inspired me more than I can put into words.”