Devin Meets Jennifer Lopez

July 1, 2016

Devin is a sixteen year old girl with LCA, a rare form of blindness that she has had since birth. Devin turned 16 this year, and most of her peers earned their driver’s license, a privilege that for most teenagers is a right of passage and symbol of growing up.  Although, Devin’s vision prevents her from reading print, recognizing people by sight, and getting her driver’s license, it has not prevented her from doing the things that she loves, which include: competitive horseback riding, traveling, politics, reading, and music. We granted Devin the opportunity to attend the Jennifer Lopez concert in Las Vegas where she was able to spend some time with JLo behind the scenes.

“I had the best night of my entire life,” Devin said. “The concert was the most amazing two hours. I could feel every word that Jennifer sang, and each song was more meaningful than the last. When we went to the “Meet and Greet”, it felt like a dream. Jennifer Lopez has really inspired me to be a better person and to accept myself. In her book, she wrote that even she had problems learning to love herself. Through her books and music, I have learned to accept myself.  Before the show I said that I didn’t want my cane in any of the pictures, but when I got up to Jennifer and she wrapped me in a big hug, then offered to hold my cane for the pictures, I realized that I’m the only person who really alienates myself. It was the most magical night of my life, and I am so grateful to the Do It For the Love Foundation for making this incredible night happen in my life and to Jennifer Lopez for making me feel so welcome regardless of my disability.”