Denise Sees Tom Petty

October 16, 2014

Denise has been diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer, and after receiving a nomination from her husband, Jeff, we granted them with second-row tickets to the Tom Petty concert in Tampa, FL. Denise and Jeff also have a foundation of their own: Babes Against Brain Cancer. Their recent charity golf tournament raised $25,000 to go directly toward brain cancer research. Way to go! About the concert, Denise said:

“We had an amazing time at the Tom Petty concert. The seats were in the second row from the stage and the band was awesome!! They played for two hours straight and it gave our family a chance to enjoy the moment with the each other and give us a night we will never forget! The last year since diagnosis has been extremely tough, and this was a much needed bright spot. Thank you so much to the Do It For The Love Foundation making this a possibility!”