Darrin Meets Train

July 21, 2015

He may be confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn’t keep 18-year old Darrin from rocking out to his favorite band, Train. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at six months old and his mother devotes herself to his care. She asked if we could provide him a night of healing music and we are so grateful to Train for going above and beyond to create a special night for the family!

“Darrin was extremely excited and very thankful to you guys for sending him, this was his first major concert, and he has been obsessed with Train,” Darrin’s mom said. “He met Pat and Jimmy and his face lit up. They were so awesome and sweet and took a few minutes to talk to Darrin, which was awesome!! He was so excited to see all three bands live, he was bopping his head to the music and singing. This experience for him was new and exciting and it gave him a few hours to forget about his having DMD, which in my book is priceless. I cant thank you guys enough for giving him this opportunity. You are a wonderful organization, keep up the amazing work you do!!”