Dalton Meets Josh Turner

March 14, 2016

Dalton was nominated for a wish grant by Jennifer, the mother of Dakotah, a previous wish grantee. After seeing the positive effects of her daughter’s wish to meet Michael Franti, she submitted a nomination for one of her daughter’s classmates.

Dalton, who is living with Down Syndrome, finds inspiration in the music of country musician Josh Turner.

“He listens to him all the time on his iPod,” said Jennifer. “He knows EVERY SINGLE word of his favorite Josh Turner song, “Long Black Train”. It would be a dream come true and Dalton would be beyond elated to be able to meet Josh and attend this concert.”

We were glad to send Dalton and his family to see Josh Turner live at the Florida Strawberry Festival.

“I’ll always remember seeing the great big smile Dalton had when he met and heard Josh sing!!” said Dalton’s cousin. “Thank you for fulfilling Dalton’s dream and changing his life. He will always remember this experience. It showed us that anything is possible and showed up how much Dalton loves his music! And it inspired me to by knowing how the little things in life mean the most.”