Curtis Meets Rascal Flatts

March 20, 2015

Curtis is a 32-year old disabled, wounded Veteran suffering from PTSD and a back injury that was sustained in combat when he was deployed in Iraq. We received a nomination from Curtis’ wife, asking if we could provide tickets to see Rascal Flatts in Las Vegas. We worked with the artists’ management to secure a back-stage meet & greet with the band along with VIP seating, and we arranged a hotel for the couple to ease their travel. We’re glad we could provide this experience to thank Curtis for his service.

“What I remember most about this experience was the music and our excellent view of the show,” Curtis said. “Being able to meet the band was an awesome experience. thank you so very much! We had an amazing evening – it was very much needed. The whole experience has made me want to take my wife out and enjoy music and concerts in the future.”