Christopher Sees Britney Spears

January 6, 2015

Just after Christmas, we sent Christoper to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas. The Planet Hollywood hotel generously provided a complimentary room for Christopher and his mother and ensured that they received VIP service. Christopher’s mother captured the experience perfectly:

“Thank you so much for sending my son, Christopher to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas. Chris suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was just 3.5 months old. He is unable to verbalize his likes/dislikes but is able to let us know through laughs/cries. He has always responded to Britney so I just knew he would love to see her. Words cannot describe the amazing experience we had. We were put up in a beautiful room at The Planet Hollywood.


At the show we were treated like VIP’s with an usher by our side at all times making sure our every need was met. An usher befriended us and arranged for Mickey (a dancer) to come meet Christopher. He was so touched by the opportunity he sent her a message 10 min before he hit the stage to say Thank you. The usher also arranged for Felicia (Britney’s long-time personal assistant) to come meet Chrstopher. She gave him an autographed VIP tag on a lanyard. Our seats were so close to the stage that the ushers were concerned about him not being able see so they made sure he was put in a perfect location that wouldn’t block his view when people stood up. After the show the usher sent me a message saying what a pleasure it was to make this night so special for my son. It warms my heart to know my sweet child touched someone’s life. The show was amazing and had Christopher rocking the whole time. Thank you so much for giving my son & I these once in a lifetime memories to share together. What you do for people is truly amazing!”

Photos: Top – Christopher with Britney’s long time assistant Felicia. Bottom – Christopher with Mickey, one of Britney’s dancers, and his mom, Tara.