Christine Sees Van Morrison

October 28, 2016

We recently sent Christine and her family to see Van Morrison in concert at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall. Christine lives with metastatic ovarian cancer, “a chronic disease for which there is no cure.” With the assistance of her boyfriend and her son, Christine is provided with the care and support she needs to fight the “progression and complications that are adding challenges to her day-to-day life.”

Christine ultimately left the concert inspired and grateful because “the wish grant put a bucket of joy in the mix.”

“Music has always been a healing force to me. Seeing live performances transforms pain to joy, through some incredibly magical process. I had an exceptional evening as far as how I felt physically and emotionally. At one point I realized I was not in pain, and I thought of all the others who have been honored in this way before me and of those whose wishes would be fulfilled in the future and felt myself truly blessed! I felt many moments of overwhelming joy throughout the performance which was truly beyond words! I felt deeply touched with gratitude that brought tears to my eyes. Bravo to you for recognizing the healing powers of music and then creating a means to make it possible for those of us whose lives are often fully consumed surviving day–to–day to have access to our favorite performers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a night listening to Van Morrison. Simply put: it will remain with me always as a fabulous memory and it felt wonderful to have two people I love so much with me. My gypsy soul was fully soothed!”