Charlie-Anne And The Lion King

July 17, 2015

Charlie-Anne was diagnosed at six months of age with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, and the family was told she had about 3 months to live. She is now six years old and “is a fighter, and such a happy and brilliant little girl.” She lovesĀ The Lion KingĀ and hoped to see the musical. We were happy to send her to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC, where they not only enjoyed the performance, but also met the performers and were provided a signed cast photo. Special thanks to the performance management, cast members and Disney for making this dream come true for Charlie-Anne, and to our rock-star volunteer Julie, a stage manager on Broadway in NYC, who helped make this connection happen.

“What I remember most about this experience was looking at my girl with her jaw dropped in amazement the whole show! We felt really special first because another gentleman offered his seat right away so we could all sit together, and because we got to meet the cast after! They were so lovely and gave Charlie an autographed poster! She was feeling pretty special at that point!”