Catherine & Lacie Meet Reba

January 28, 2016

Two families struggling with cancer recently traveled to Las Vegas, where they found the healing power of music with a performance and back-stage meeting with Reba McEntire.

Catherine has been living with lung cancer for seven years, and has undergone multiple surgeries to regain her health. Her daughter contacted us requesting this grant, noting, “my mom is a giving, selfless woman who does everything for her children and everyone else. Given all her obstacles she never ceases to amaze me; she’s the strongest woman I know. I’ll never be able to repay her for everything she’s done for me but she definitely deserves some enjoyment and happy times in her life.”

We were glad – thanks to help from AEG Live – to provide this experience to the family when they traveled to Las Vegas for Catherine’s birthday in December.

Her husband, Butch, said: “All I can say is thank you for putting the smile back on my wife’s face. It’s been a long time and we are grateful for your Foundation. It was a awesome concert and the inspiration to get back to the way we use to be before cancer. Do it for the love foundation has a cure and it is music. “

Lacie has been living with stage IV ovarian cancer and told her social worker in


Portland, OR that it was on her bucket list to see Reba McEntire in concert. The family traveled to Las Vegas to fulfill that wish and had a night they’ll always remember.