Carli Meets Kristin Chenoweth

April 28, 2017

We recently granted Carli and her Mom a VIP experience to Kristin Chenoweth’s “outstanding” concert. For 8 year old Carli, this was a welcome experience. Carli fights for her life everyday as she lives with global developmental dealy, lennon-gastaut syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

The VIP evening included handicap parking, soundcheck, VIP seats and a meet and greet before and after the concert. These experiences were made that much sweeter courtesy of the kind theater crew and Kristin’s Chenoweth’s team. The welcoming people behind the scenes ultimately made Carli and her Mom “feel so at home!” “The sound check was beyond any experience we have ever had. Carli got to meet Krisitin’s doggie, Thunder. Kristin addressed Carli and talked to her. Everyone knew why Carli was there and seriously made her feel so special. The show was hands down the best EVER! My daughter, who has a hard time communicating, was so expressive during the entire thing. The music MOVED her. I was in tears watching my daughter enjoy herself. We were then invited to meet Kristin after the show. Again, what another amazing experience! From the theater security to the backstage crew to Kristin’s crew, all the people we encountered treated Carli like royalty. Kristin herself made us feel like SHE was the honored one to have Carli there. WHAT!? Her words to me and to Carli were heartfelt, pure and so very touching,” recalls Carli’s Mom.


Carli’s Mom expressed, “I cannot begin to thank you and Do It For the Love for this life changing experience. My daughter fights for her life everyday and having this one day to feel like the most important person was more than this mom could ever dream of for her. YOU made this possible. Thank you for one night that will live forever in our hearts!”