Camille Meets Michael Franti

April 21, 2015

Camille, an 11-year old girl from New Zealand with Muscular Dystrophy, received a surprise wish grant with Michael Franti, thanks to a nomination from family friend Maribeth. It was a memorable night for Camille, who was welcomed back-stage before the show.

“The kids could not believe it as we did not tell them until we arrived at the venue,” said Maribeth. “It an experience they will treasure and remember always. Michael sang the kids a few tunes. He sang his new song about rising up and talked to them about struggling with stuff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and arranging this experience.”

Camille’s Mom, Melissa, also shared her thoughts:

“This was such an unexpected , amazing gift for us to meet Michael and have him perform some songs for us.  He is a beautiful person and a very gifted musician. Thanks so much to the Do it for the Love foundation for making this happen for us. Music is definitely a big part of Camille’s life and it helps her through the challenges of living with her condition so this was a very appropriate way to inspire her and make her happy.”