Brittany Meets Stevie Nicks

October 24, 2017

Brittany has faced more obstacles and adversity in her short life than most do in a lifetime. During kindergarten, she mysteriously lost mobility and was confined to a wheelchair by first grade. Her parents took her to the best doctors in the country and were given prognoses ranging from being able to dance at her senior prom to not making it past age 17. In the ninth grade, her lungs nearly failed. She was in the hospital for months and underwent an emergency tracheotomy. Having come through all of this, Brittany, now 20, still lets her beauty shine through. As her brother says, “her smile can light up a room.”

Her brother nominated Brittany for a wish grant to see Stevie Nicks because music has always brought Brittany comfort, entertainment, and happiness. It was also an opportunity for her mother, who cares for Brittany 24/7, to have a night to enjoy and feel appreciated for all she does. It was an honor for Do It For The Love to grant this wish! After the event, Brittany’s brother told us how it went!

“My family and I cannot thank you guys enough for all that you do! Brittany truly had the time of her life. Brittany and Stevie shared such a special moment with one another and had an immediate connection. She even dedicated “Landslide” to Brittany! Let me tell you, we are all still on cloud nine from the whole experience. It was so nice to see Britt and my mother get to escape from all the heavy things in life and just let loose, laugh, smile, dance and sing their hearts out. Furthermore, Stevie wants to maintain a friendship with my sister! Thank you for this lifelong memory that Brittany, my family and I will forever cherish. I’m so glad this organization exists.