Brayden Meets Florida Georgia Line

September 15, 2016

Brayden has experienced a life that is not typical for most 6 year olds.  While living with Pierre Robin syndrome, amongst other challenges, Brayden has had 83 surgeries throughout his short life.  His wish was to go see Florida Georgia Line and we were able to make that happen last month.  His mom said that seeing live performances of songs they hear on the radio, was “mind blowing” for him.  He felt “so special” to be one of the select few that got to go meet the band.  He was “wide-eyed throughout the whole experience.”

Brayden was accompanied by his parents who have been on this long and often painful journey with him.  Brayden’s mom, Nina, sums up the impact of the night.

“What Do It For The Love provides is a night of normalcy and sheer happiness amidst the many doctor appointments and surgeries.  To watch my child’s face light up in awe and wonder of what he is experiencing is the greatest gift I have ever been given and I will never be able to find the right words to properly thank you.

This did so much to enhance Brayden’s life. He is having his 84th surgery at the end of next month and it will be a big one. What we were able to experience at this concert as a family will be happy memories that we can talk about when his pain becomes overwhelming and we need a distraction. We will be able to bring this up and look at the pictures and videos and remember how much fun that day was and help him to forget about the pain for a little while. What this organization does is nothing short of amazing.”