Brayden Meets Brantley Gilbert

June 2, 2018

Brayden, 13, was diagnosed in 2011 with Common Variable Immunodeficiency and struggles with many other health issues.  He was receiving immunoglobulin infusions for treatment. He was having severe reactions to these infusions and in 2017 he had to stop taking them.

Brayden really struggles with staying healthy and keeping up with his friends. Brayden was at a very low time in his life. He was feeling as though the doctors were giving up on him and was ready to give up himself.

We heard about Do It For The Love from a friends mom that also has CVID. Just days after a difficult appointment Brayden received the email that his wish to see Brantley Gilbert was granted. Also included in his wish was Meet and Greet passes and an overnight stay at an amazing hotel.  It was the first time in several weeks I seen him genuinely smile!

We were greeted by staff of Brantley Gilbert when we arrived and shown into a small room where Brayden was going to watch a small, intimate acoustic concert, participate in a Q&A with Brantley, and take photos.

They made us feel very welcome, checking on Brayden throughout the night and calling him by name.  Brayden was able to tell Brantley about the special meaning of his song “One Hell Of An Amen”, which Brayden has dedicated to several friends he lost to cancer.

We had amazing seats, eye level right by the stage. It is hard for him to choose a favorite part of the night as the whole experience was amazing. But one part that does stand out is the funny hunting stories that Brantley shared.

After the concert, we took the short walk back to the hotel. Brayden was in a great deal of pain as he had been standing and doing a lot of walking (he does have Cerebral Palsy as well). He took advantage of the huge bathtub when we returned to the room. He even slept in his new Brantley Gilbert hat.

Thank you Do It For The Love for the amazing night. Thank you for helping Brayden through this difficult time in his life and showing him that there are great people doing great things.