Brady Meets Florida Georgia Line

August 8, 2017

Brady, age 9, has had a very tough year in his battle to overcome neurofibromatosis – two surgeries and a hospitalization with an extended recovery period made for a very long winter.  To help pass the time, he started teaching himself to play the guitar, watching YouTube videos to play along with the songs. He was so excited to be granted a wish by Do It For the Love to see Florida Georgia Line, his favorite band. “He chose his best friend to attend the concert with him, and they were so excited to meet the band. The seats were fabulous, and the VIP treatment made him feel very special.  It was wonderful to see him dancing around with so much energy.  It’s so hard being a child and facing medical challenges, but moments like this make it easier to keep fighting the battle to persevere.  Thank you to Do It for the Love and Florida Georgia Line for this great opportunity – it’s a special memory that will help Brady keep fighting when he needs to be brave!  Brady is back to strumming his guitar, inspired by the artists to keep doing what he loves.”