Billy Jams With Michael Franti

April 10, 2015

Our wish grants have no boundaries! When Michael Franti toured in the spring of 2015 through New Zealand and Australia, we were happy to grant the wish of nine-year old Billy to see Michael live and participate in some pre-show yoga. Billy is living with Angelman Syndrome, a severe neuro-genetic disorder. Being able to play drums with Michael and experience the healing power of music was a memorable experience for the whole family.

“Michael and Hossein were so so lovely and made us all feel very welcome. Michael took us up onto the stage before the yoga session and showed us the instruments and sat Billy on his knee to play the drums, he also showed Max, Billy’s brother how to play something on the drums. We were so fortunate to sit back and enjoy the intimate yoga session after meeting Michael, followed by the concert later that night. We all walked away with full hearts and souls. Thank you so much for all the work you have done to help organize this experience for us, it was an amazing day.”
– Jo, Billy’s Mother