Bert Sees Les Miserables

February 8, 2018

Bert was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 at the age of 43. Since then, he has stopped working as he progressed and can no longer work, drive, walk, feed himself, and needs full time 24/7 care. He is currently confined to a wheelchair and has no use of his arms or legs. He has not stopped living though! He coached our sons soccer team up until a year ago, is still very active in watching our children in their activities and is a very active parent through the use of technology. Bert and his wife work as a team to live everyday to its fullest. When his wife Jennifer wrote to nominate him, she said, “I believe my husband and children are a wonderful example of how to deal with a difficult hand being dealt to you in life. My husband is positive and has kept his wonderful sense of humor through all of the difficult times we have found ourselves in. He is an amazing role model. This past spring we signed on with hospice, and, even through that transition, he remained positive. I think he deserves to have the opportunity to spend time with his children and enjoy life to its fullest.

“Do It For The Love gave my family and I the amazing opportunity to experience the beautiful story of Les Miserables. I have ALS and can’t move my body so that limits activities and experiences I am able to enjoy. My daughter happens to be involved in music and theater. I can enjoy and experience watching her, and I have learned a lot and now enjoy plays and musicals more than ever before. Do It For The Love gave my family the opportunity to spend a weekend together in Philadelphia taking in the sites and sounds of the city and watching the amazing musical Les Miserables. I was happy to be able to enjoy this with my daughter, it will be a special memory that we will have always. Thank you Do It For The Love for bringing music to those who are struggling. Music brings a hope and feeling of happiness to everyone, and it is especially an important part of my life now.”

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent” ~Victor Hugo

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