Ben Meets R5

March 17, 2016

Fifteen-year-old Ben had the time of his life at a recent R5 concert, where he met his musical icons and danced the night away. He was able to leave behind the everyday challenges of living with autism and epilepsy, and celebrate life with the healing power of music.

“We had an amazing time at the R5 concert,” said Ben’s mom. “Because of Ben’s autism, he struggles with things like waiting in line… He was so patient waiting for the meet and greet, I was shocked. When we finally walked into the room with the band, I expected him to get overly excited and hyper, but he was all smiles.

The sound check was such a great opportunity to be in a more intimate, quiet and less overwhelming setting with the band members. They chatted with the audience, played a few songs and again, my son was all smiles. His teachers looked at his picture with R5 and said he looks like part of the band!

Finally, the concert… after some more waiting, and two opening acts, in which I fully expected Ben to start losing his patience. I was bracing for a meltdown. But nope, he just calmly waited for his favorites to get back on stage. Despite them not starting until past his normal bedtime, and the fact that it was very loud, he stood up behind his seat and danced the entire time. Music is such an amazing therapy for Ben. It’s his happy place… pure & utter joy.

Thank you for bringing music to special children and adults. I love the Do It for the Love Foundation and tell all my friends about the wonderful work you guys are doing”