Ben Meets Michael Franti

January 16, 2016

For most of us the holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. However, for one recent wish grant family, the holidays represented a daunting anniversary, of the day young Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On Dec 3, 2014, the family received Ben’s first MRI proving the diagnosis and he spent much of last year at UCSF receiving treatment.

Thanks to our friends at Radio Alice in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to provide Ben and his family a chance to change their memory of that date to one of hope, healing and music. They were treated to a VIP table at the Alice in Winterland concert, the chance to meet (and sing on stage) with Michael Franti, and also had deluxe accommodations thanks to the Fairmont San Francisco.

“Thanks to Do It For the Love, you have replaced a dreaded heart-breaking memory with one filled with love and inspiration,” said Ben’s mom, Stephanie. “Watching Ben dance and sing on stage with Michael, wearing the biggest smile, feeling the love, joy and positivity being sent, to him from the audience was simply awe inspiring. I was able to show my boys a beautiful side of SF instead of just “going to the hospital.” The whole experience was magical and so full of love.”

That is what the holidays are all about.