Austin Meets Shawn Mendes

August 18, 2017

During the six weeks of radiation to treat his brain tumor, Austin requested Shawn Mendes to be played every single day. During these times and with an uncertain diagnosis, his family wanted to make sure that he would have the opportunity to see Shawn Mendes, his musical idol, in concert. While trying to figure out how to get tickets, family friends nominated him for a Do It For the Love wish grant

  “When we found out that we were selected we were so excited. There are no words that can express our gratitude for this kind and gracious gesture. This experience was incredible and the best part about it was that you truly touched our hearts and made his experience unforgettable. We have learned a few things through all this and one of them is that there’s still some great people in this world and for this we are so thankful.The meet and greet was an unbelievable experience for him. Shawn was a very polite and compassionate person for his age. This was a nothing short of an amazing experience and really was one of the best nights of Austin’s life. We are eternally grateful for your love and support.”