Audra Sees Celtic Woman In Concert

March 31, 2016

Audra found out she had stage 4 duodenal cancer in 2015 at the age of 72 years old. Since then she has had surgery, chemotherapy, and found out she has lynch syndrome. This is Audra’s third battle with cancer. First she battled colon cancer when she was 53 then uterine when she was 64.

Just five days before her 73rd birthday, Do It For the Love sent her and her family to see the Celtic Woman concert in Bowling Green, KY. She had always wanted to see them and said “you can just feel the passion when watching them on TV.” After the show all she could talk about is how “they don’t just sing the music, they feel the music” and how she was so close she could see the dimples on the male singer’s cheeks.

“Thank you for providing my grandmother and our family with this opportunity,” said Audra’s grand daughter. “With all the doctor’s appoints, tests, and fears of what the next test results will show, it’s easy to forget to keep living and enjoying life through it all. For one night it wasn’t about the cancer – it was about making my grandma feel special and seeing the excitement in her face.”