Aubrie Meets Rachel Platten

December 11, 2015

Aubrie got sick just shy of her 8th birthday. A sudden grand mal seizure changed her life forever, resulting in surgery to remove a portion of her brain. She received the rare diagnosis of Rasmussen Encephalitis and has undergone drastic measures over the past three years to keep the seizures at bay and restore her health. Now, at 11-years old, she is working hard – one step at a time – to get her life back to normal, finding inspiration in the music she and her friends listen to, like Rachel Platten’s Fight Song.

“She is the strongest little girl I have met,” said nominator Monica. “She works so hard to do what most people take for granted. Since the surgery she has found a new love for music. Her favorite song is Fight Song by Rachel Platten. It keeps her going when things get tough.”

We were happy to arrange for Aubrie to meet Rachel and her band backstage in San Francisco recently, where her mom said: “She really connected with her and made her feel special. Aubrie shared with Rachel that she will never give up.  She has a new goal of hiking to the top of a hill.  She knows that this is possible if she takes one step at a time.  We will be playing Rachel’s Fight Song for inspiration.  After this event it will have much more meaning.”

Keep taking those steps, Aubrie! You’ve got a lot of fight left in you!