Ashlyn Meets Toby Mac

April 6, 2018

Ashlyn is a fun loving 13 yr old girl. She suffers from multiple medical conditions due to being born prematurely, making it challenging for her to get out and about. Ashlyn wanted to see Toby Mac perform so she could experience her love of music in  a live setting.

“We tried to keep it a surprise, but on the way to the hotel, she guessed what was going on. It was her first time in a hotel and the hotel chosen was PERFECT for us! We got to meet Toby Mac, and he was so great with her. He got down low and leaned in to try to hear her. When Ashlyn first got to her seat she was crying because of the volume level, but as a mother of an autistic child, I came prepared with ear plugs and ear protectors. When Toby Mac started performing, she perked up and really enjoyed the show. She got out her action cam and filmed the whole thing until the memory was full. I brought her a rhythm musical set amd she played along to the music and later we were all dancing. We didn’t really expect ALL of us to have such a great time as we planned it for her, but we really all had a blast. She talked about it for days afterward and when I showed her the picture of her and Toby, she smiled real big as her eyes lit up and she said, “It’s me and Toby.” I promised to frame it and put it on her wall. Thank you so so very much. It was such a wonderful experience none of us will ever forget.