Ashley Meets Nahko

July 1, 2016

Despite a recent diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage 1, Ashley doesn’t let her “temporary sacrifices” get her down. Throughout her treatments, she’s gained strength through the music of Nakho, calling it, “postive, beautiful music that lifts me out of a funk and calms me in panic.” We were happy to provide a night of Nahko’s healing music in person, where she was able to share her gratitude in person.

“There is no way to express the depths of my gratitude for the night at the Nahko show. Music truly does reach the part of the body medicine can’t and heals better than any treatment could. I could not have asked for a more positive, amazing, and healing experience. I felt so loved and so special for one night and it will keep me going for the next few months of treatment. This show healed me and made me realize I have to fight back and make my voice heard. I am powerful!

Getting to meet Nahko Bear and talking to him was a truly amazing gift. He talked to us like we were old friends, wiped tears away from our eyes, and held us close. After listening to his music throughout all of my treatments, meeting Nahko was one of the most special moments of my life. Sharing those few moments with him really made me feel special. And the cherry on top? Nahko found me in the audience, made eye contact with me, and held up a fist in solidarity with mine after singing my favorite song, “Warrior People”. It was a moment I will NEVER forget.”