Angel Meets Luke Bryan

September 18, 2015

Seven-year old Angel was diagnosed with Leukemia a little over a year ago. Since then, she’s been through challenging treatments and hospital stays with her family by her side.

“Through all of this, she has had the most positive attitude and has focused on making friends within the hospital and making other patients happy by giving them cards, pictures, bracelets, etc.” said Angel’s mom. “She¬†has been a true hero during this long scary journey and deserves an opportunity to heal through music!”

We couldn’t agree more and were happy to provide tickets to a recent Luke Bryan concert. Angel’s mom kept the experience a surprise until the night of the show, and to add to the surprise, Luke Bryan’s management chose Angel to come back stage to meet Luke before the show.

“Let start with the fact it was a surprise,” said Angel’s mom. “I picked them up from school early. When they came out I gave them DIFTL temporary tattoos. At that point they just knew it was a concert. Once we parked, the kids filled up with excitement. They saw Luke Bryan’s tractor trailers and started wanting to take pictures. Finally the doors opened for the VIP experience. The girls got excited and loved the VIP badges.”

“Luke Bryan came out on stage in the VIP room and as he walked past, Angel got a high five. She was ecstatic about that! And then we got to meet him!! Of course the girls froze up and I had to walk them over. He was so nice to them. They smiled like I haven’t seen in a long time. The picture we have is absolutely priceless. Then we got to go to the concert. Angel was so excited for her first concert. She sang and danced and yelled the entire time. Smiles smiles and more smiles. We all danced together as a family. And hugged and smiled. And appreciated every moment we just got to share together. It was amazing.”