Anantha Sees Hamilton

August 20, 2017

Anantha was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer at 32. After 5 years of treatment and a declaration of “I’m cured!”, she was devastated to learn that the cancer had returned a couple of years ago. She has since gotten married, and has striven to live a happy life with the support of her husband, family, and friends and by embracing every opportunity she can to do the things she loves. As a literature professor, the ability of words and stories to change society for the better is a huge passion for Anantha, so seeing the musical Hamilton was her wish that Do It For the Love was happy to grant!

“Thank you so much for providing me with tickets to see Hamilton in San Francisco last night! As a professor, I teach and write about racial justice, art and social change, so the show was such a treat to get to see. My husband and I absolutely loved it, and would never have gotten the chance to go without your generous gift and efforts!”