Ana Meets Paul McCartney

March 3, 2016

When Paul McCartney asks you if you’re ready to rock and roll, there’s no more fitting reaction than sheer joy and laughter. Anastacia recently had the chance to meet the legend himself and have an incredible and memorable healing night of music. Anastacia’s family was told when she was born that she might not live to three years old. Now 33-years-old, she has defied the odds and is an inspiration to all around her.

“Ana’s disorder has taken so much of her personality over the last few years and it seems like she enjoys less and less but that night we saw the very happy girl she used to be,” said Ana’s mom.

“Paul came out to meet us. He was amazing, he spoke directly to Ana, he touched her cheek and spoke so soft and gentle to her. I told him she was waiting for the loud music and bright lights, he asked her if she was “READY to ROCK and ROLL and she laughed in away we haven’t heard in many YEARS!! She laughed and enjoyed the whole concert. We got home well after midnight and she was still “rockin’ and rollin'” It was amazing for us to see her so happy. The memory will be with us forever.”