Alice Meets Duran Duran

September 15, 2016

Alice is a massive Duran Duran fan living with stage 4 breast cancer. We helped make her wish come true last month when she, along with her sister, nephew, and his friend attended their concert and met the band.

“I was a silly school girl and was speechless! Simon [Le Bon] came right over and gave me a hug, putting me at ease!  I appreciated how accommodating the whole band was and how welcome they made [us] feel.  We had a great chat and took some pictures! I LOVED that I wasn’t questioned about my cancer (I hate telling that story!) and that I was just “normal”.

I felt so special, especially to experience this concert with my sister on her 50th birthday! We had a great time reminiscing about our childhood and the great music from Duran Duran that we always had playing!

Thank you for this amazing opportunity!  Music truly heals the soul!  I was in a depression and truly missing my family, especially my sister.  It was such a great experience to share this with her!  It truly lifted me up!  We made some great memories that night that we will never forget!  I can’t thank you enough!”