Alex Sees the Lion King

March 22, 2018

Alex is 17 and has autism.  He is a very special kid. He has the ability to make everyone around him smile, his friends, teachers, and especially his family. Alex is so happy with the little things in life, like getting stickers when leaving the doctor’s office, buying a gumball from the gumball machine and moving to the beat of his favorite songs in the car. When his mom nominated him, she said that she wanted Alex to have the opportunity to watch one of his favorite musicians rock the stage.  Do It For The Love was able to help make Alex happy when we granted his wish to see The Lion King on Broadway.

“Alex was so excited to hear that his wish to see The Lion King on Broadway was granted, especially since he will be a part of Lion King Jr. in his school performance this year. Along with  the show tickets, DIFTL arranged for our family to have an overnight stay at a hotel in the heart of Times Square. We really enjoyed spending the day in the city, especially since it was 70 degrees in February. The show was absolutely amazing. DIFTL also arranged for our family to have a backstage tour after the show. Jo`el  was not only an awesome tour guide but a 12 yr performer in the show as well, who shared with us his experience as an actor on Broadway. We were all excited to meet different cast members. Alex was particularly excited when he met “his character”, “Ed, the Hyena”. After the tour, it was so nice to walk through the city that never sleeps right back to the hotel and go to sleep. Do It For The Love, thank you so much for an experience of a lifetime.”