Alex Meets Billy Joel

December 18, 2016

Alex, a 14 year old living with leukemia and cardiomyopathy, is a “miracle child.” Nicole, Alex’s mom, shared this about her son’s journey, “Alex was diagnosed with AML leukemia on 10/10/13. He endured 7 months of very harsh chemotherapy and many procedures. After Alex finished his treatment, he was diagnosed with heart failure from the very strong chemotherapy. In May of 2014 he had a very bad stroke and was miraculously saved. After much therapy, he is finally able to travel and is strong enough to walk and not use a wheelchair.”

Nicole describes Alex as an “old soul” and a big fan of Billy Joel. “Ever since Alex was diagnosed at 11 years old, music has comforted him throughout his intense chemotherapy treatment. Billy’s music in particular helped him “get through it all and keep a positive attitude.” The Madison Square Garden VIP concert experience was a “phenomenal” way for Alex to spend the holidays with his family. “Alex was able to meet Billy in a special suite set aside just for him. Billy could not have been kinder to Alex. Alex told him that his music helped him sleep at night when he was worried that he would not wake up in the morning. Billy cracked a joke that he was happy it helped him sleep, because it didn’t put him to sleep at night!”


The experience ultimately “gave Alex something to look forward to after these long years of trying to recover. Thanks to The Do It For The Love, Alex was able to have a wonderful holiday season, meet his music idol, and visit NYC for the weekend as he continues to live in recovery.”